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About the Creation Process

From Sketch to Reality

Keren Kopal’s work begins with vast research, inspiration boards, and feedback from our collectors’ club and clients. Keren pays careful attention to every little detail in each stage, from the initial sketches to the hand-sculpted mold, to the pewter casting, the color choices, and the inlaid stones.

The outcome of this process is unforgettable vibrant creations. Each of them is hand-painted in enamel, inlaid with Austrian crystals, plated with either 24K gold or 925 silver, and signed with a signature trademark. The enamel is applied manually using special techniques that enable the delicate mixing of different tints and glitters on very small surfaces. Openable items are fastened with concealed magnetic snaps, and music boxes come with a sturdy wind-up mechanism that produces high-quality, resonating tunes.